If you ever happen to pass through Mission Mountains you may hear the distinct sound of hammers beating metal, ringing over the mountain range. The bellowing of the forge, breathing life into a fire. Here the anvil beats like a heart, and sweat drops into every work. This place is a small, quiet homestead, overlooking a lake. Home to many things, wildlife, greenery, but most importantly, a white bearded smith. Of whom plies his craft with great care and patience, that only one of the bearded folk could know.


His smithing prowess is legendary, and this one's white beard is proof of his experience and wisdom. Many years has he breathed life into metal and whispered the secrets of arcane runes into his works. His forged axes and hammers are known throughout the lands. Rumors glide with the wind that the greatest warriors and shieldmaidens seek him out for his fabled battle-ready shields, beautifully and artistically crafted and strong as steel. Every commissioned piece is custom made and will last generations with care. 


Many visitors find safety here and enjoy the welcome. Ravens cackle as if they shared jokes overhead. Mother bears and their cubs explore the forest nearby and take comfort in the ringing sounds of hammer to steel. Chipmunks and hummingbirds zip in and out, finding gifts left for them. Mighty elk and deer roam the pasture from time to time, munching on the sweet grass. Legend tells there is a great bear that watches over the homestead the smith and his beautiful family, and protects them from all that would do harm.


Welcome to Northalla, feel free to pay a visit, take part in the wonders, and share a horn of the finest mead. Get your axes sharpened, your shields field readied, and find your coin well spent.

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